New Masculinities: Poetry & Conversation - A public reflection

This time last week I was decompressing from an amazing event at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe that included some new poems, a discussion about masculine performance and identity, and a reflection on New Masculinities with a brainstorm on where to go next. All of that in two hours on a Sunday explains why I'm still processing it all!

While there were many takeaways, I'm left feeling that people are deeply interested in grappling with the horrors of masculinity and embracing the beauty of its complexity and nuance. New Masculinities will be moving forward with the strongest suggestions from this event and discussions leading up to it.

1. Conversations: I will continue facilitating these conversations at colleges and universities and will expand to spaces that are open to the public. Perhaps still at a college but sometimes with a broader group of folks. Other times at a community center, street corner, or a church.

2. Podcast: People are truly interested in what I have to say on this topic and I've let my humility get in the way of occupying space in this area. There were clear signals that I need to cut it out so that's coming soon.

3. Art: I'll be making a concerted effort to find artists who are creating art through the inspiration of ideas that intersect with new masculinities in some way, shape, or form. The plan is to then showcase that art to generate discussions, inspiration, new thinking. Maybe even host as guests on the podcast.

New Masculinities: Poetry & Conversation - Sunday, April 30, 2017 - Photos: Chauncey Velasco

Carlos iro Burgos