About Last Night: A meta-reflection on my first public showcase of these reflections...

So about last night...

I worked head on to engage with the question of the day: 219. What does the process of moving conversations on masculinity outside of academia entail?

I'd love to know more about how everyone in attendance experienced last night and I figure it's only right to share what the stage felt like so here goes.

Poems from Spanglibonics: I didn't preface much on purpose but my goals of being honest and vulnerable seemed to come through and using art is one way to open a space for deeper discussion.

Reflections on Masculinities: Way too fast. I really attempted to use talking points that wouldn't trap us into confusing terms or ideologies that need long explanations or require a lot of context so it could be relatable to everyone there. I found myself using theatrical techniques to make sense of things that I'd otherwise explain with academic jargon just so people could see the images/ideas. I was planning on switching outfits to a more professional look for the second part and decided not to at the last minute. I spend more time than anyone probably should thinking about clothing and the implications it has in our interactions. I think people were at ease and it balanced out what looked and felt to me like an academic presentation and so there's more to explore there.



I suppose these two points in isolation could be one response to my question and that is:

Conversations on masculinity outside of the academe can entail various artistic expressions, maybe even an integration or intersection of theatrical (improv, movement, character, emotional connection, comedy) and standard academic presentation techniques (visual accompaniment-PowerPoint, Q&A). It may also entail creating new uses of existing language to replace academic jargon that isn't relatable to the vast majority of people. It also may entail a certain level of humility and disregard for mainstream ideas about how we should present ourselves through our speech. I was intentional about integrating curse words as well as a few terms that are specific to gender studies and so on, in an attempt to experiment with how people would receive these ideas.

I'm interested in exploring further and hope folks feel inclined to share with me their experience. If you'd prefer a private message, click here and scroll to the bottom where there is a contact form.

Carlos iro Burgos