Our Vision

Anti - Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Cis Hetero Patriarchy

See: bell hooks' Understanding Patriarchy


This effort is unapologetically anti-patriarchal. There are many organizations and efforts out there considering ways that patriarchy is good and can be modified to better serve and make the claim that patriarchy is just being practiced incorrectly. This effort moves beyond that critique and seeks to explore what a masculinity politic would look like if we weren't bound by this sociopolitical apparatus. Furthermore, the effort focuses heavily on the implications of capitalism and other intersecting oppressing forces on our masculine identities.

We seek the creation of anti-patriarchal practices and action items that can be performed in communities on a large scale and in relationships - also on a large scale, so as to not confuse the importance of our relationships. There is also an interest in connecting colleges and/or organizations around the United States, and the world, with each other to have discussions about masculinity through video conference as another major part of our work is revisioning the way we think about the creation of knowledge. 


Carlos iro Burgos